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Foto Aktor Vino Giovanni Bastian

Written By Teguh Mulyanto on Saturday, July 16, 2011 | Saturday, July 16, 2011

Siapa yang ngefans sama artis satu ini, berikut sedikit gambar
Gambar Foto Aktor Artis Ganteng Indonesia "Vino Giovanni Bastian" Vino G Bastian Photo Blog Picture Celebrity

Foto Vino G Bastian - Artis Cowok Keren ganteng
Foto Vino G Bastian - Artis Cowok Keren ganteng
Foto Vino G Bastian - Artis Cowok Keren ganteng
Foto Vino G Bastian - Artis Cowok Keren ganteng
Foto Vino G Bastian - Artis Cowok Keren ganteng

Vino G Bastian Profile

Full Name : Vino Giovanni Bastian
Nickname : Vino G Bastian, Vino Bastian
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 24 Maret 1982
Father's Name : Bastian Tito
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Occupation : Actor, drummer, model
Education : Institut Technology Industri Jakarta, majoring Chemical Engineering
Hobby : Watching movies, Listening music, Playing instruments, Eating

Vino G Bastian, born in Jakarta, March 24, 1982, beginning his career as a star model and then spread the wings following the casting film 30 DAYS LOOK FOR LOVE (2004), which also became her film debut.

In the film directed by Upi Avianto, the Vino portray characters high school kids who dream of forming a band. The film starred with actress Nirina Zubir, Maria Agnes, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo.

Bastian Tito author's youngest son, Wiro Sableng comic writer, the more well known figure through his first film, and makes Erwin Arnada, Rexinema director, to put it back in the movie NOTES AT END OF SCHOOL (2005) directed by Hanung Bramantyo.

Vino next film titled REALITY, LOVE AND ROCK n ROLL (2006), directed by Upi Avianto. Virgo Putra Film Production The film starred together Herjunot Ali and the daughter of Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. And following the offer of a heavy film came to him, among PESAN DARI SURGA (2006), remake BADAI PASTI BERLALU (2007), COKELAT STROWBERI and TENTANG CINTA.

In the Indonesian Movie Award Couple, 2008, Vino won the victory for the three categories, namely a major player Favorite Male, Best Couple together Fahrani Radit and Jani through the film, as well as Favorite Couple through the same film.

Through film and Jani Radit Vino G Bastian and Fahrani each successfully occupy a position as Best Male Actor and Best Actress FFI 2008. Anda Bisa Melihat Berita Atau Foto-Foto atau gambar lain yang berkaitan dengan Foto Vino G Bastian dibawah ini.
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